We help TV operators
to create TV Ad Business

Anypoint Media is an Ad-Tech company leading the Addressable TV market with its one-of-a-kind Addressable Linear TV Advertising Platform since 2015.
Starting with Advertising, Anypoint Media is expanding into Addressable TV-based personalized commerce and content.

Trusted Addressable TV & OTT Ad
Business Partner

Anypoint Media is an ad-tech company that provides FLOWER, linear TV & OTT advertising platform, to TV & OTT Service Providers worldwide.
We are not only providing the technology, but also bringing TV & OTT ad business to TV & OTT Service Providers.

Delivering Superior Ad Revenue

Through FLOWER, TV & OTT Service Providers can start addressable TV & OTT advertising and connect their TV & OTT inventory 

to the programmatic ad ecosystem to automate sales for revenue maximization.

Driving TV & OTT Service Innovation

With FLOWER, TV & OTT Service Providers can start their journey into addressable TV & OTT services,
starting with addressable TV & OTT advertising and moving into targeted home-shopping,
personalized content delivery and more.


Key Historic Facts


02 Launched Programmatic Sales through Google Open Auction Integration


03 Launched Targeted Linear TV Advertising with Indihome IPTV, Telkom Indonesia (Indonesia)


06 Launched Self-Serve Targeted Linear TV Advertising


12 Partnership with Google to launch Targeted Linear TV Advertising

11 Signed contract with Telkom Indonesia for Targeted Linear TV Advertising

02 Certification for Ad-Tech Research Center


02 Opened Singapore Office, Anypoint Media PTE. LTD.


12 Developed Integrated Advertising Platform for SK, SK ONE AD

07 Launched Targeted Linear TV Advertising with LG U+, ART AD


07 Launched Programmatic Linear TV Advertising with SpotX

02 Launched Targeted Linear TV Advertising with SK Broadband, Smart BIG AD


07 Signed contract with SK Broadband to develop Targeted Linear TV Advertising Platform

06 Founded Anypoint Media