FLOWER TV Commerce

Revenue-Maximization Solution
for Home Shopping Channels

The online commerce platforms are evolving day by day and, on the contrary,
traditional TV home shopping channels, including T-commerce, have difficulties
in introducing new services.
FLOWER TV Commerce enables commerce channel providers to deliver
personalized content to each audience so that the opportunities of sales are expected to be increased rapidly.

Service Scenario of FLOWER TV Commerce

Bounce Rate

The digital ads ecosystem is already familiar with the Bounce Rate, but unfortunately, it is not applicable to TV media.
Anypoint Media re-defined it, and it was patented in Korea, the U.S.A., and China.

Definition of Bounce Rate

Quantitative Analysis of Preference of Viewers

FLOWER TV Commerce quantitatively measures the level of interest of every household
by product, by analyzing big data aggregated from STBs, public domains, and 3rd parties.
In measuring the level of interest and TV performance quantitatively,
Bounce Rate is the critical attribute.

Use of Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate by Anypoint Media is measuring the viewing rate and the interest of the audiences
not by statistical estimation methods, but by measuring the 100% complete enumeration.
Also, quantitative analysis by Bounce Rate can measure very minute performance changes in
the target. Bounce Rate can be applied in many ways: time series-based analysis,
period-based analysis, etc.

Win-Win Model for All

Commerce channel providers can expect an increase of the sales amount by over 50%*
with the optimized and personalized multi-stream scheduling by FLOWER TV Commerce.
For the TV operators, channel fees from commerce channel providers are expected
to be increased just by adopting FLOWER TV Commerce.

*Based on the result of simulations by Anypoint Media
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