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FLOWER is an Addressable TV Advertising solution for both Pay TV and OTT/FAST

FLOWER can monetize Linear TV Ad Inventory into Addressable

An established Addressable TV Advertising Platform built on a decade of diverse experience, including edge cases.

Flexible scalability extending beyond Linear TV to OTT, encompassing Conversion Perfermance

Case Study


Korea’s LG U+ IPTV operator launched the OTT sports service ‘SPORKI’, delivering live sports events with linear programs using HSL and aiming to monetize their ad inventory with addressable advertising. While most solutions in the market are suitable for VOD types, they often struggle to provide ‘Frame-Accurate & Seamless’ insertion and effectively fill in the ‘Ad Breaks’ for linear TV


For OTT/FAST applications using HLS or DASH to deliver linear programs, FLOWER could provide
- Client-Side Ad Stitching using CSPM

- Incremental Linear Ad Podding

- Mediation

- Campaign Manager

- Inventory Manager

- Conversion Manager


Utilizing FLOWER can enhance ad campaign fill rates through incremental linear ad podding. Additionally, Client-Side Playlist Manipulation (CSPM) distinguishes between original content and ad creatives. As a result, FLOWER addresses not only 'Frame-Accurate & Seamless' issues but also reduces SSAI related costs, provides accurate reporting, and supports cross-screen/app conversions.

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