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Pre-Caching & Pre-Decisioning


Two-Step Ad Podding

Ready to transform your linear TV advertising strategy?
Discover how Anypoint Media's FLOWER guarantees maximum revenue growth.

Pre-Caching & Pre-Decisioning

For frame-accurate ad insertion, STBs need to have at least the first ad creative ready in advance. No buffering or delay is allowed during TV ad playback, so ad creatives should be cached as much as possible in advance. FLOWER’s Ad Pre-Decisioning System (APDS) proactively determines which ads each STB needs to pre-cache, independently of ad breaks. Pre-decisioning prevents traffic congestion and this is especially effective during peak times when there are a large number of concurrent TV viewers.

With FLOWER,  Pay TV operators can deliver ads more efficiently and avoid excessive server and CDN investment.

Frame-Accurate and Seamless Insertion

In TV advertising, precise ad insertion control is crucial. FLOWER provides frame-accurate ad insertion and seamless ad playback, eliminating disruptions like black screens or delays during transitions between content and ads. 

With FLOWER, viewers can enjoy their favorite TV shows without any interruptions or annoyances.

Incremental Ad Podding

Ad podding for a long ad break may not be completed all at once. In many cases, ad requests must be made multiple times to fill a long ad break, especially when demand is pulled from the programmatic ecosystem. FLOWER makes multiple and interspersed ad requests to maximize the fill rate and efficiently fill the ad break as much as possible.

Two-Step Ad Podding

FLOWER's ad podding is a two-step process.

  • Super Ad Podding: The back-end APDS creates a list of potential ads that can be played on each STB, regardless of the TV channel . Once a Super Ad Pod is created, the STB downloads as many ad creatives as possible from the list of creatives within the Super Ad Pod. 

  • Exact Ad Podding: When a STB receives an actual cue, the STB determines the final list of ads to play from the Super Ad Pod based on the current channel, time, and other factors. This ad podding is done by the FLOWER SDK/Agent, which is available on the STB, without relying on a back-end Ad Decisioning System. If the ad creatives are not pre-downloaded and are part of the Exact Ad Pod, the STB downloads them on the fly from the CDN.

With FLOWER, Pay TV operators significantly reduce unnecessary back-end server and CDN investment associated with on-the-fly ad podding and asset downloads.

Cross Targeting, Conversion, Attribution

By identifying all the devices belonging to the same household, FLOWER enables cross-device targeting, conversion, and attribution:

  • Cross-device targeting: For TV advertising, advertisers can now select an audience segment using mobile data and target only the TV set-top boxes (STBs) that are paired with mobile devices belonging to the segment. 

  • Cross-device conversion: Turn TV ad viewers into active users by driving them to take action on PCs or mobile devices, such as visiting your website, installing your app, or making a purchase.

  • Cross-device attribution: Track and report on conversions that happen on PCs or mobile devices after exposure to TV ads, partnering with global Mobile Measurement Partners(MMPs).

With FLOWER, TV and digital advertising are fully integrated, bringing in new types of advertisers.

Programmatic Integration with the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

FLOWER is expanding the demand base for TV advertising by connecting it to the digital video advertising ecosystem through programmatic buying.

FLOWER is integrated with major global demand partners such as Google, Xandr, The Trade Desk, Magnite, and PubMatic, just to name a few. Advertisers may set up a unified campaign and obtain a unified report for TV and digital media via FLOWER. 

With FLOWER, Pay TV operators can tap into the thriving digital advertising market and generate immediate additional revenue.

Broadcasting Technology & Middleware Agnostic

FLOWER can be integrated with any type of broadcast service, including IPTV, cable, and DTH, as long as the set-top box is connected to the internet. In addition, FLOWER is already integrated with multiple middleware platforms such as Android TV, AOSP, and RDK. 

With FLOWER, Pay TV operators can easily and quickly adopt the most advanced addressable TV advertising solution with minimal effort in their existing broadcasting environments.

Creative Review & Automated Transcoding

FLOWER provides Creative Review and Automated Transcoding features for demand obtained from the digital programmatic ecosystem:

  • Creative Review: This feature ensures that the ad creatives meet all applicable standards and are suitable for TV advertising.

  • Transcoding: It ensures that the creatives meet all technical requirements, such as its video resolution and audio volume, for TV advertising.

With FLOWER, Pay TV operators can be confident that programmatically obtained ad creatives will be suitable for use on TV.

Real-Time Reporting

FLOWER-enabled STBs report ad exposure data to FLOWER's back-end servers in real time. This data is then used to generate reports that show the performance of individual ads and campaigns.

These reports can be categorized by region, time, channel, viewer demographics, and other criteria. They can also be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection.

With FLOWER, Pay TV operators can improve the quality of service to advertisers by providing accurate and reliable reports.

Accommodating Long-tail Advertisers

FLOWER provides a self-serving feature to break down the entry barriers of TV advertising, making it accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes, including long-tails.

  • Laser-focused geographical targeting: Reach ideal customers all the way down to the zip code level.

  • Simple campaign management: Create TV ad campaigns and track results in real time using a simple mobile application.

  • AI-powered ad creative generation: Design high-quality ad creatives for long-tail advertisers.

With FLOWER, Pay TV operators can unlock a brand-new revenue stream from a large number of long-tail advertisers.


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