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Client-Side Playlist Manipulation (CSPM)

Optimized for live streaming of OTT & FAST platforms

Digital transformation of TV advertising

TV advertising, even with ads from YouTube

Integration with digital advertising ecosystem

Maximize the value of TV ad inventories

The ad-tech company for
CTV advertising

Increasing the value of Pay TV, OTT, and FAST advertising

Established in 2015, Anypoint Media has revolutionized the advertising landscape with its pioneering solutions for Addressable TV Advertising. Originating from targeted advertising for Pay-TV, we've swiftly emerged as a global powerhouse, expanding our influence to encompass OTT and FAST services. Driven by an unwavering commitment to relentless technological innovation, Anypoint Media is poised to ascend as the foremost leader in ad-tech worldwide, setting unparalleled standards of excellence in the industry.


The ultimate choice for CTV advertising

Pay TV

Solution for Pay TV Operators

Anypoint Media bridges the gap between traditional TV advertising and digital advertising, offering a platform that seamlessly integrates digital advertising into your existing TV advertising inventory management. This powerful combination unlocks the advantages of digital transformation, giving you:

  • Frame-Accurate and Seamless Insertion

  • Pre-Caching and Pre-Decisioning

  • Two-Step Ad Podding

  • Incremental Ad Podding

  • Programmatic Integration

  • Cross Targeting, Conversion, Attribution

  • Accommodating Long-tail Advertisers

  • Real-Time Reporting, and etc.


Solution for OTT/FAST  Service Providers

Anypoint Media revolutionizes advertising for OTT/FAST services with our pioneering Client-Side Playlist Manipulation (CSPM) technology, transcending the constraints of traditional ad insertion methods, such as SSAI. Unlocking the complete potential of advertising for OTT/FAST services, we redefine possibilities in the industry.

  • Client-Side Playlist Manipulation

  • Ad Decisioning System

  • Overlay

  • Cross-Device/App Conversion

  • Accurate Reporting

  • Incremental Ad Podding

  • One-stop Solution for Advertising

  • Mediation, and etc.

Data Advisory

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비즈니스 핸드 셰이크

Elevate Your Advertising with Anypoint Media


FLOWER는 자체 미디에이션 기능을 제공하여 Direct I/O, PG, PD, PMP/PA, OMP/OA 등 다양한 거래 유형을 지원합니다. FLOWER의 Multi-Win Bidding 기능은 상대적으로 긴 광고 시간을 대상으로 효과적인 광고편성을 하는 데에 최적화되어 있습니다. DSP 등으로부터의 Ad Request가 수신되면 FLOWER의 ADS는 보통 가장 높은 입찰가를 우선적으로 선택합니다. 특히, 광고 시간이 긴 경우, FLOWER는 복수의 입찰 중에서 높은 가격의 입찰부터 순차적으로 노출하여 광고 인벤토리의 낭비없이 가장 효율적인 운영을 보장합니다.FLOWER의 미디에이션 기능은 OTT/FAST 서비스 사업자에게 광고 인벤토리의 낭비 없이 최고의 수익을 보장합니다.

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